Factors Influencing Web Site Development Cost

We like to visit with each potential client and determine the clients needs and wants before pricing a web.

Factors influencing cost:

  • Size of Web
  • Number of Images Used
  • Method of Obtaining Digitized Images
  • Need for Image Editing
  • Scripting
  • Shopping Cart
  • Flash Design

Clearly the cost of designing and building a site for a client that comes in with well defined ideas and materials (images and copy) to be used on a site is significantly less than for a client that is vague about what he/she wants. Space is a precious commodity on a web site. If after a page had been designed, a client comes to us and wants to add text or images to a page, we must redesign the whole page to accommodate the revision, thus doubling the time involved. We generally like to quote a flat rate for a single design. Changes made in the page after the initial design are billed on an hourly scale.

The development cost does not include cost of web hosting and cost of a domain name. The web host we prefer has a starter plan that meets the needs of most clients. They charge $150 per year for 50 MB hard disk storage, 1 GB monthly transfer, and 10 POP e-mail accounts. . Hosting prices are falling but many of the cheap accounts will not meet the bandwidth requirement of a web with significant traffic. Our clients are free to use any host they desire and purchase their domain name from any registrar. Currently the cost of a domain name for one year runs about $12.00.

One cost that may be overlooked in planning for your web site is maintenance cost.  We provide two types of maintenance plans for our client.  A flat monthly rate for maintenance and an hourly rate.  Phone support by appointment runs $50 per hour with a $25 dollar charge for missed appointments.

There are many different pricing schemes used in the industry. Make sure that you end up owning your domain, having the ability to move web to any host of your choice.

We would love to meet with you to determine your unique individual needs. SSmyrl.Com Watermark

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