Considerations in Planning Your Web Site

Know Type of Web Site Wanted

  • Informational
  • Customer Service
  • Quotes
  • Full Service

Be Prepared to Answer Questions Regarding Content
  • Layout
  • Font
  • Text
  • Colors
  • Company Logo

Have appropriate copy
  • Write clearly and be concise.
  • Organize pages for quick scanning.
  • Make each page stand on its own.
  • Be careful with emphasis such as blinking and capitals.

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Chief consideration: KISS (Keep it simple stupid). Make information readily available. The Web is a visual medium. Keep text to a minimum. The average time spent scanning a web page is 10 seconds. If viewer can not find information he/she is seeking in that amount of time he moves on to new page. Only 10% ever scroll down and view anything that does not appear on opening screen.

When you meet with your web developer for the first time have some ideas regarding desired domain name and keywords you would use if you were a client looking for your page.  The initial meeting is an opportunity for you and your developer to get to know one another and share ideas.  The initial meeting sets the stage for an ongoing relationship which will follow should potential client and developer decide developer is the right one to develop the site.

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