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myrl.Com Web provides turnkey service from web site design to search engine and directory submissions.  All  web sites are designed using the latest acceptable search engine optimization (SEO) practices.  The focus of SSmyrl.Com is to produce a well designed user friendly web that ranks well in SERP (Search Engine Results Position).   We do not bill ourselves as a search engine optimization specialty company, yet all of our clients are indexed by the major search engines and have favorable positions.

The search engine field is one of constant change. Currently Google, Yahoo, and MSN are the big three.  Search engine watch reports Google powers about 50% of all web searches, Yahoo 25%. and MSN 15%. Currently the best way to get listed with a search engine is to link from an existing site that gets spidered regularly.  We submit all our sites to  The Open Directory Project as well as other directories.

In our endeavor to stay abreast in current trends we participate in ongoing SEO research.  We currently are participating in a project that, if successful, will support Celiac Disease Research.

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